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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collegiate Peaks Trail Run

May 3, 2014- Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 50 Mile, 51st Place, 11:21:15

I came to my first 50 miler ever in May: The Collegiate Peaks Trail Run in Buena Vista, CO. The 19 days prior to the race, I did not run a single time. I did bike commute every day the week prior and zero days the week of. Now wonder I felt like crap after just 14 miles of this race. I literally walked it in from mile 14 to 25 ready to call it a day and go enjoy the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and not be so sore. Hitting the turn around for another lap, I couldn't bring myself to quit. Number one reason being that I could not go back to work on Monday and admit that I failed my first 50 miler. No one would have gave me crap but still... Plus this was my first one, I couldn't DNF. After sitting in the car for a few, I sealed the deal. I went through the turnaround so I could not be credited for 25 and decided I would either get 50 or they would have to remove me from the course. End result was that I finished my first 50 miler that day! While it was barely under the cutoff and I remember a certain point where I calculated that I needed to avg 20 Min/Mile for the last 15 miles and I was struggling to make 22 Min/Mile for a few miles. Luckily, there were many downhill miles where I actually ran a small amount. I proved a lot to myself that day. While I was severely under trained, I proved that with my determination that has gotten me through so many challenges in life, I can still at least finish a large undertaking such as a 50 miler. I will have to come back to this one later and take hours off of my time :)