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Saturday, June 21, 2014

San Juan Solstice


  • June 21, 2014- San Juan Solstice 50 Mile, 64th Place, 12:30:31

I hung back for the first few miles of that race where I finally got excited at all of the creek crossings and began to race past folks. Stupidly, I kept about a 180 heart rate on that first big climb over treeline and back to the first 15.7 mile major aid station. I remember the painful descent and getting passed by many and already hurting and almost crying at the aid station already when I saw my dad. I felt awful and knew the day would be a battle. About a mile out from the aid station, I noticed my back was very wet and through much walking, I realized my water bladder had a leak. What was I to do? I had no way to get more water for a long time and a big monster of a climb (biggest of the day). I had to carry the bladder upside down to keep as much water as possible. This was a huge morale killer and I got passed by many on the way up to the Carson aid station. From there, I dropped the bladder and tried to continue up over the divide for 9 hard miles with only a 16 oz hand bottle and 16 oz disposable water bottle. Those resources went quickly (like before the climb was over) and I slowed to a crawl trying to preserve myself until I could get more water. I thought I was seriously doomed when at the very top of the climb, I found a full 24 oz bottle that someone ahead not coming back had dropped. A miracle! This carried me in to the next aid where I began to get moving again. Coming in the final major aid station with 10 miles and one climb to go, I was right at about 10 hours and hoping to break 12 still for the run. I pretty much spanked the climb and was on track still where I lost it on the descent. I could not run down and it hurt. I was having to walk everything. Even the last couple miles into town I had to trade off between running and walking. Hard ass 50 miler off the couch. Go me. I was puking all night and just felt nasty from that one. I was happy to have my dad there as number 1 cheerleader as well as my wife and son for that last aid station and finish.