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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015: Monthly Training Summary

Actual Numbers:
Miles Run: 183.1
Miles Biked: 375.4
Total Running Time: 36:37
Total Biking Time: 24:21
Running Elevation Gain: 20,961
Biking Elevation Gain: 13,438

Total miles:  565
Total Time: 62
Total Gain: 34,399'

Loose Training Goals From Feb For Mar:

Miles Run: 200
Miles Biked: 400
Total Running Time: 35 Hours
Total Biking Time: 25 Hours
Running Elevation gain: 25,000'
Biking Elevation Gain: 15,000'

March has been the month of Adversity. I tried to be smart by taking a rest week the first week of the month, but it ended up being a wash because I had a cold that week. The next week was my Salida Run Through Time Marathon where I got lost and also cramped up bad from the day prior's 10 hour puking escapade. The week after that, I managed some decent volume but at all low recovery effort and finally a solid week this past week that ended up with me breaking my toe and not getting to train the final two days of the month. In a quick analysis, I fell slightly short of my running and biking goals for the month as far as mileage. Fortunately, I am more concerned with time and somewhat with elevation gain. For time, I was actually slightly over on running and slightly under on biking. That said, my bike miles have steadily increased each month since December while my run miles have slightly decreased. My elevation gain was over 5k' lower than I wanted as well too but part of that was playing things smart and not overdoing it. I would have sat here and told you that I would have the same goals for April as I did for March if not a little more but with a broken toe, that is just not realistic. I am going to count myself lucky if I can run a single mile by the end of the month. In the mean time, I plan on cranking out the bike miles as soon as I can figure out how to get a bike shoe over my swollen foot. This is where I will focus to maintain fitness although there is no substitute for not running. I suppose I can try the elliptical but I know I will hate it because I hate all indoor workouts. If I can get up high, I could go for some skinning or other light impact stuff. I also kind of hope that within a week or two, I can strap on the mountaineering boots and use the stiffness to my benefits and crank out some steep hikes with good elevation gains up high. I need to be realistic and realize that there is absolutely no way, I can even get back to the fitness where I am today aside from the fact that I would have gotten even better before the first Leadman event in June. For the Marathon, I am lucky if I can start running again in may and just struggle through the race. I am really going to have to take hold of biking the next month and see where it takes me. Here is a picture of my shoe from the trip I took Sunday. There was no damage before that. Good news is that Altra is going to give me 50% off another pair to replace them. In the mean time, I will focus on the 50 Mile Ridgeline Rampage MTB race I will have in Castle Rock on the 25th of this month. Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the Rattler Trail Run 50K on the18th or Quad Rock 50 Mile on May 9. I may be healed for Quad Rock but I wouldn't be able to handle the distance or gain off the couch with no running.  I have to stay positive and keep pressing forward though as I don't want to waste all this training I have done or the money spent for Leadman. Hopefully, the slow down can really help me reflect on things, wrap up my Master's degree and see the beauties that God has placed in my life.

Loose Training Goals For Mar:

Miles Biked: 600

Total Biking Time: 40 Hours
Other Time: 20 hours (Other will be hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, elliptical)

Biking Elevation Gain: 25,000'
Other Elevation gain: 15,000'

Don't know how probable these goals are but they include commuting to work every day 5 days a week and getting a long ride every weekend minus some play knowing weather won't really let me ride every day. If I can get a good amount of time in doing that, I would like to squeeze some other efforts such as hiking and whatnot in that have big gains so we shall see. Maybe there are some spring 14ers in my near future, skin up, ski down, no impact :)

Until next month...

See you at the top!


  1. That sucks about the toe! and either that material is really flimsy or you caught yourself on one very sharp rock. You'll get back to it - sooner than you expect I'm sure!

  2. The shoes seem pretty tough. The fact that my toe broke means the force was pretty great. Thanks for the encouragement! I think this will be mentally harder than physically.