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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Training Week 23-29 December 2013

Weekly Totals:
  • Miles: 68.05
  • Time: 15:29:49
  • Gain: 7,271'
  • Beers: 12 (and 2 glasses of wine). The holidays seem like a good time to drink more when you are around family and friends and having fun.

  • Monday 23 Dec: 
    This is the last real week of December so I want to make it memorable. I have off work from Christmas to New Year's Day so I really want to hit it hard (or at least as hard as I can without imposing too much on my family). I hope to get a Winter Centennial Peak summit and tons of elevation along with a goal for the first 70 mile week in training to finish the year strong especially after an easier week last week due to the hikes and cutting my long run short due to a fat dog. Today I started with a little over 9 miles. I did my standard double lap at work and found a new hill on the east side that was 1/4 mile each way that probably comes close to doubling the gain for the entire route. I felt great on the run today and MAF paces were pretty normal despite the weather in the mid-20s. Thank God (and my parents in-law) for the Smart Wool Arm Panties birthday gift.
    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 9.15
    • Time: 1:21:11
    • Pace: 8:54 (includes warmup and cooldown walking and jogging)
    • Gain: 257'
    • Surface: Pavement
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Great
    • Weather: Started foggy and then burned off somewhat to some sun and maybe 5-7 MPH wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, Scrambled eggs with green chili, turkey bacon, and other veggies, 2 cups black coffee, and ACV in water.
    • Morning Snack: Gourmet salad with ACV dressing and salami and some walnuts
    • Lunch: Trying to kind of split up lunch to 2 snacks due to running mid day.
    • Afternoon Snack: Leftover Chicken marengo and some almonds.
    • Dinner: Random Asian scramble with meat and lots of veggies and Ice Cream for dessert.
    • Beers: 0
    Tuesday 24 Dec (Christmas Eve): Today I ran the 12 miles of Christmas by doing 3 loops of Black Forest Section 16 alternating directions. For the most part, I tried to maintain MAF heart rate but for 1 time on the big hill, I turned on the jets and got a personal record. That kind of hurt me for the second half of the run and I ended up with really slow times. I was supposed to work today but decided not to go in so I could get lots of Christmas stuff done.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 12.0
    • Time: 1:52:48
    • Pace: 9:24
    • Gain: 739'
    • Surface: Dirt, Ice, Snow etc.
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Kind of slow and tight hamstrings after the sprint
    • Weather: Upper 40s low 50s and super windy with 20 MPH wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Egg Scramble, 2 Cups Black Coffee
    • Morning Snack: NA
    • Lunch: Gourmet Salad with meat and ACV with Olive Oil
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Christmas pre-dinner with Ham, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes and Gluten Free, Non-Processed, Vegan, Pumpkin Pie that I made that turned out awesome.
    • Beers: 3 (Widmer Bro's Alchemy and Bristol Bee Hive)

    Wednesday 25 Dec (Merry Christmas): No running today although I wanted to and didn't need the rest. It was a great day with family all the same though.

    Running Stats:
    •             NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Christmas Tradition Omelets with veggies and meat, topped with home made salsa and sour cream, Cream Cheese Braid, Bacon, and Cranberry/Grapefruit Salad
    • Lunch: Breakfast was more of a Brunch so there was no lunch.
    • Dinner: Christmas Dinner- Turkey, Gravy, Sweet potatoes, olives, cranberry jello salad, stuffing, cheese ball with crackers, apple and pecan pie. Had a 3 AM snack after stopping hiking of 1 ramen noodle package.
    • Beers: 2 (and a glass of wine)
    Thursday 26 Dec: Lots of stuff happened this day. I started with a mid-day 8 mile run. 4 was with the fam and it was the first time the wife pulled the son in the bike trailer. The headwind to start was offal and then the turnaround was nice. It was 2 laps to Judge Orr and back from the house. Then at 11 at night began my ascent of Mt. Adams but I will count that climb for tomorrow since most of it was then.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8
    • Time: 1:14:53
    • Pace: 9:21
    • Gain: 78'
    • Surface: Gravel and dirt
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Pretty good despite the wind.
    • Weather: 40s and heavy wind from the north (maybe 12ish mph)

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Egg scramble with leftover omelet ingredients and 2 cups black coffee 
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with meat and nuts with Balsamic and Olive Oil
    • Afternoon Snack: NA
    • Dinner: Leftover Christmas with ham, turkey, stuffing
    • Beers: 4
    Friday 26 Dec: Woke up in a tent after less than 4 hours of sleep to finish the Mt. Adams climb. Started the climb last night at 11 and snowshoed in about 3.5 miles and 2,000 feet of gain until 2:30 with full winter camping/climbing pack including snowboard.   Got back on the trail around 8 am after going to bed at around 4 and waking up at 7. Finished the climb of Mt. Adams, glissaded/hiked back to tree line and snowboarded/hiked back to camp, packed up and headed to car for 14 total mikes and over 5k of elevation on one of the gorgeous winter days ever in the history of man! The trip report on this one is forthcoming in the near future.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 14
    • Time: Moving time of 7:03:58 Total time out was about 22 hours.
    • Pace: 30:13 from moving time
    • Gain: 5,103'
    • Surface: Snow and Rock!
    • Additional: Yeah right
    • Feelings: Friggin awesome throughout
    • Weather: Low teens at night to single digits and mid 30s with virtually no wind all day. Maybe even warmer.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Cereal Bar and Fruit leather
    • Lunch: No official lunch but hiking food was a couple of gels, a couple fruit leathers, a couple fruit snacks, almonds, 4 oz package salmon, craisins, and shared a ramen when returning to tent
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Another ramen with a  beer and a nasty gas station burrito
    • Beers: 2

    Saturday 28 Dec: Unfortunately, today was a rest day. I wanted to run and ran out of time between recovery, rehydration, drying out gear, draining, cleaning, and refilling the hot tub, I sort of ran out of day light. It didn't help that I got home after 1 AM from the climb and was lacking sleep and still got up at 7:30 because I couldn't sleep anymore. The morning weather was nice but the afternoon a storm blew in and it wasn't pleasant weather for a run anyhow. This would have been the difference for a 70 mile week but my body probably needed the rest.

    Running Stats:
    •             NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Pancakes, 2 Fried over easy eggs, 1 strip of bacon, OJ, 2 cups black coffee
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with meat and balsamic with olive oil, and chips and salsa
    • Dinner: Leftover Christmas dinner- Turkey with gravy, carrots and broccoli, cranberry jello salad (cocola salad), sweet potatoes
    • Beers: 1 (+1 glass wine)
    Sunday 17 Nov: Finally, my long run. While I was planning on running with the Incline Club and doing the run to Barr Camp today plus maybe even to A-Frame, the snow last night got me scared that I would be trudging through a minimum of 4 fresh inches up there. While someone faster may have trampled it down to Barr Camp, I would have been on my own past and turning around at Barr wasn't going to be enough mileage or time for what I wanted although 4k of elevation gain would have been nice. I ended up doing a 25 mile loop from home around Black Forest to include Black Forest Section 16 as well and back to home. I felt great throughout with the mostly 155 heart rate despite taking a nasty spill after tripping over a snow covered root in section 16. All in all, I could have gone a few more miles but I felt bad for being gone as long as I had already. Great run though but I think road running is not for me. The knees are sore tonight.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 24.9
    • Time: 3:46:59
    • Pace: 9:05 per mile including walking warm-up and cool down plus a couple of pee stops.
    • Gain: 1,094'
    • Surface: Mostly road with some dirt on side and the 4 mi of section 16 mud, ice, and snow
    • Additional: 3 sets of 20 pushups at night! haven't done those in a while.
    • Feelings: Awesome but knees hurt. No stomach issues although I only had 2 gels during along with Hammer Perpetuem concentrate every 15 mins and water.
    • Weather: Start at around 19 degrees and warmed to maybe 26 with a good 8-10 mph wind so a bit chilly.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup and butter, egg scramble with veggies, salsa, and sour cream
    • Morning Snack: Post run leftover ham
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with summer sausage, ham and tons of veggies with ACV and olive oil.
    • Afternoon Snack: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies and 1 slice leftover gluten free, non-processed, vegan pumpkin pie.
    • Dinner: Marinated, baked eggplant and Lamb Chops
    • Beers: 0

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