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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Training Week 23-29 December 2013

Weekly Totals:
  • Miles: 68.05
  • Time: 15:29:49
  • Gain: 7,271'
  • Beers: 12 (and 2 glasses of wine). The holidays seem like a good time to drink more when you are around family and friends and having fun.

  • Monday 23 Dec: 
    This is the last real week of December so I want to make it memorable. I have off work from Christmas to New Year's Day so I really want to hit it hard (or at least as hard as I can without imposing too much on my family). I hope to get a Winter Centennial Peak summit and tons of elevation along with a goal for the first 70 mile week in training to finish the year strong especially after an easier week last week due to the hikes and cutting my long run short due to a fat dog. Today I started with a little over 9 miles. I did my standard double lap at work and found a new hill on the east side that was 1/4 mile each way that probably comes close to doubling the gain for the entire route. I felt great on the run today and MAF paces were pretty normal despite the weather in the mid-20s. Thank God (and my parents in-law) for the Smart Wool Arm Panties birthday gift.
    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 9.15
    • Time: 1:21:11
    • Pace: 8:54 (includes warmup and cooldown walking and jogging)
    • Gain: 257'
    • Surface: Pavement
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Great
    • Weather: Started foggy and then burned off somewhat to some sun and maybe 5-7 MPH wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, Scrambled eggs with green chili, turkey bacon, and other veggies, 2 cups black coffee, and ACV in water.
    • Morning Snack: Gourmet salad with ACV dressing and salami and some walnuts
    • Lunch: Trying to kind of split up lunch to 2 snacks due to running mid day.
    • Afternoon Snack: Leftover Chicken marengo and some almonds.
    • Dinner: Random Asian scramble with meat and lots of veggies and Ice Cream for dessert.
    • Beers: 0
    Tuesday 24 Dec (Christmas Eve): Today I ran the 12 miles of Christmas by doing 3 loops of Black Forest Section 16 alternating directions. For the most part, I tried to maintain MAF heart rate but for 1 time on the big hill, I turned on the jets and got a personal record. That kind of hurt me for the second half of the run and I ended up with really slow times. I was supposed to work today but decided not to go in so I could get lots of Christmas stuff done.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 12.0
    • Time: 1:52:48
    • Pace: 9:24
    • Gain: 739'
    • Surface: Dirt, Ice, Snow etc.
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Kind of slow and tight hamstrings after the sprint
    • Weather: Upper 40s low 50s and super windy with 20 MPH wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Egg Scramble, 2 Cups Black Coffee
    • Morning Snack: NA
    • Lunch: Gourmet Salad with meat and ACV with Olive Oil
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Christmas pre-dinner with Ham, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes and Gluten Free, Non-Processed, Vegan, Pumpkin Pie that I made that turned out awesome.
    • Beers: 3 (Widmer Bro's Alchemy and Bristol Bee Hive)

    Wednesday 25 Dec (Merry Christmas): No running today although I wanted to and didn't need the rest. It was a great day with family all the same though.

    Running Stats:
    •             NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Christmas Tradition Omelets with veggies and meat, topped with home made salsa and sour cream, Cream Cheese Braid, Bacon, and Cranberry/Grapefruit Salad
    • Lunch: Breakfast was more of a Brunch so there was no lunch.
    • Dinner: Christmas Dinner- Turkey, Gravy, Sweet potatoes, olives, cranberry jello salad, stuffing, cheese ball with crackers, apple and pecan pie. Had a 3 AM snack after stopping hiking of 1 ramen noodle package.
    • Beers: 2 (and a glass of wine)
    Thursday 26 Dec: Lots of stuff happened this day. I started with a mid-day 8 mile run. 4 was with the fam and it was the first time the wife pulled the son in the bike trailer. The headwind to start was offal and then the turnaround was nice. It was 2 laps to Judge Orr and back from the house. Then at 11 at night began my ascent of Mt. Adams but I will count that climb for tomorrow since most of it was then.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8
    • Time: 1:14:53
    • Pace: 9:21
    • Gain: 78'
    • Surface: Gravel and dirt
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Pretty good despite the wind.
    • Weather: 40s and heavy wind from the north (maybe 12ish mph)

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Egg scramble with leftover omelet ingredients and 2 cups black coffee 
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with meat and nuts with Balsamic and Olive Oil
    • Afternoon Snack: NA
    • Dinner: Leftover Christmas with ham, turkey, stuffing
    • Beers: 4
    Friday 26 Dec: Woke up in a tent after less than 4 hours of sleep to finish the Mt. Adams climb. Started the climb last night at 11 and snowshoed in about 3.5 miles and 2,000 feet of gain until 2:30 with full winter camping/climbing pack including snowboard.   Got back on the trail around 8 am after going to bed at around 4 and waking up at 7. Finished the climb of Mt. Adams, glissaded/hiked back to tree line and snowboarded/hiked back to camp, packed up and headed to car for 14 total mikes and over 5k of elevation on one of the gorgeous winter days ever in the history of man! The trip report on this one is forthcoming in the near future.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 14
    • Time: Moving time of 7:03:58 Total time out was about 22 hours.
    • Pace: 30:13 from moving time
    • Gain: 5,103'
    • Surface: Snow and Rock!
    • Additional: Yeah right
    • Feelings: Friggin awesome throughout
    • Weather: Low teens at night to single digits and mid 30s with virtually no wind all day. Maybe even warmer.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Cereal Bar and Fruit leather
    • Lunch: No official lunch but hiking food was a couple of gels, a couple fruit leathers, a couple fruit snacks, almonds, 4 oz package salmon, craisins, and shared a ramen when returning to tent
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Another ramen with a  beer and a nasty gas station burrito
    • Beers: 2

    Saturday 28 Dec: Unfortunately, today was a rest day. I wanted to run and ran out of time between recovery, rehydration, drying out gear, draining, cleaning, and refilling the hot tub, I sort of ran out of day light. It didn't help that I got home after 1 AM from the climb and was lacking sleep and still got up at 7:30 because I couldn't sleep anymore. The morning weather was nice but the afternoon a storm blew in and it wasn't pleasant weather for a run anyhow. This would have been the difference for a 70 mile week but my body probably needed the rest.

    Running Stats:
    •             NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Pancakes, 2 Fried over easy eggs, 1 strip of bacon, OJ, 2 cups black coffee
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with meat and balsamic with olive oil, and chips and salsa
    • Dinner: Leftover Christmas dinner- Turkey with gravy, carrots and broccoli, cranberry jello salad (cocola salad), sweet potatoes
    • Beers: 1 (+1 glass wine)
    Sunday 17 Nov: Finally, my long run. While I was planning on running with the Incline Club and doing the run to Barr Camp today plus maybe even to A-Frame, the snow last night got me scared that I would be trudging through a minimum of 4 fresh inches up there. While someone faster may have trampled it down to Barr Camp, I would have been on my own past and turning around at Barr wasn't going to be enough mileage or time for what I wanted although 4k of elevation gain would have been nice. I ended up doing a 25 mile loop from home around Black Forest to include Black Forest Section 16 as well and back to home. I felt great throughout with the mostly 155 heart rate despite taking a nasty spill after tripping over a snow covered root in section 16. All in all, I could have gone a few more miles but I felt bad for being gone as long as I had already. Great run though but I think road running is not for me. The knees are sore tonight.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 24.9
    • Time: 3:46:59
    • Pace: 9:05 per mile including walking warm-up and cool down plus a couple of pee stops.
    • Gain: 1,094'
    • Surface: Mostly road with some dirt on side and the 4 mi of section 16 mud, ice, and snow
    • Additional: 3 sets of 20 pushups at night! haven't done those in a while.
    • Feelings: Awesome but knees hurt. No stomach issues although I only had 2 gels during along with Hammer Perpetuem concentrate every 15 mins and water.
    • Weather: Start at around 19 degrees and warmed to maybe 26 with a good 8-10 mph wind so a bit chilly.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup and butter, egg scramble with veggies, salsa, and sour cream
    • Morning Snack: Post run leftover ham
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad with summer sausage, ham and tons of veggies with ACV and olive oil.
    • Afternoon Snack: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies and 1 slice leftover gluten free, non-processed, vegan pumpkin pie.
    • Dinner: Marinated, baked eggplant and Lamb Chops
    • Beers: 0

    Friday, December 27, 2013

    Mt. Adams Winter Climb, 13,931'


    Peaks: Mt. Adams, 13,931’ Rank 66 out of 637 in Colorado.
    Date:Dec 27, 2013
    Mileage: 14 Miles
    Elevation Gain: 5,103 feet
    Partners: Bruton (AKA Grizzly Adams, AKA Climbing Jesus, AKA Matt
    Route: Horn Creek Trailhead to East Ridge and Descent Via SE Couloir


    Skip this section if you just want details from this specific trip.
    It has been too long since I have had a bid in the mountains. This past year has been filled with child rearing and running as my son was born last November. In the process, I gained the baby weight with my wife and was at my heaviest ever at 6’ and 220 lbs., I knew something had to change so I started running again and started focusing on more of a whole foods plant based diet that I discovered in the Forks Over Knives documentary on Netflix while now eating some meat but many more veggies and almost no processed foods. Having Finished the 14ers on Huron the summer prior on Huron with my wife being 6 months pregnant, all my closest friends, and a keg of beer; I was looking for my next adventure. While I desire to complete the Centennials, I don’t have the same drive as I did for the 14ers and in the same manner, I would like to climb bigger and better things but those take money and I don’t have a lot of that. I decided I would finally do the Pikes Peak Ascent this year. I would combine the mountains with running and see how I could do. Starting in January with barely able to run 3 miles at a pace of 10 minutes per mile, I knew I was in trouble. I worked my way slowly to faster and faster and began running with the Incline Club hosted by Mr. Matt Carpenter himself. I figured if I was going to do this, I would learn from the best. Just prior to the race, I was able to run 10 miles at 7 minutes per mile and ended up completing the Ascent in 3 hours and 26 minutes which was 34 minutes faster than my goal and still over 20 minutes faster than any of my training attempts despite coming down with a nasty case of Strep throat the day prior. During my training, I got to bag a few centennials in one trip (French, Frasco, Casco, and Oklahoma all in 1 day) and then the rain took over my next few planned days. Nonetheless, I believe I found my niche finishing the Ascent in still over an hour slower than the winners but feeling great despite less than 8 months of training. The running didn’t stop there and I have fun a couple of trail 50k’s since as you can read on my blog and I am hooked on the whole ultra-running scene trying to become an ultra-runner myself with 2014 goals of a couple 50 milers including the San Juan Solstice 50 and possibly a 100 if my legs fair well. Anyhow, the major benefit is that I am now down to 175 lbs, which is what I was as a Junior in high school and lighter than I ever was even in the Marines. While I wasn’t huge at 220, I did have a little Buddha belly. At a drop of roughly 45 lbs, I am at my lightest of my adult life and in my best shape at age 30.
    Anyhow, back to Mt. Adams. With all the baby stuff and being partially less willing to take climbing risks, the mountains finally summoned me. With my best good partner, climbing jesus, not having a schedule the past year synching up with mine, we were both deprived and needed something to kick off this winter. A few days ago, we realized we had one matching day off and the weather couldn’t have looked better. I have been eyeing Mt. Adams for a while and thought we might take a stab at it hoping that someone from Horn Creek Ranch may have cut a trail to Horn Lakes for us. Even still, we knew that the chances of a summit were highly unlikely given our short amount of time and the fact that we may have to bust 5 miles of trail through the trees. Either way, we knew we would get a good chance to get re-acquainted to all that comes along with winter camping including stuffing literally everything in your sleeping bag to keep it from freezing and remembering things like a Thermarest or some sort of pad to keep you off of the snow or some sort of silverware utensils to eat your food. We figured summit or not we would get the Freedom of the Hills that we were seeking and that we did. As we eyeballed previous winter reports, I realized that there are no Ski reports here on 14ers or on summit post on this peak and there was a beautiful couloir that others discussed as glissading in their Trip reports. We figured we would bring the snowboards and hit it if conditions warrant with virtually a possible ski from the true summit.

    Day 1: Approach to around 11,000’ for Camp
    With Matt getting off work at 7 PM Thursday night and his climbing dream machine (1976 Westy) not running as of the day prior, I swung by his house and picked up his staged gear and a fresh warm loaf of Zucchini bread that his wife made and then I picked him up at work and we headed Southwest. We rolled into the Horn lake trailhead about 10 PM or a little later and got the truck stuck about 200 yds from the trailhead bathrooms as we sank into the hard crusted snow (Yet another time when I wish my 4 banger Toyota had lockers but apparently you had to buy the six cylinder to get those). After a quick dig out and a backup to the last corner, we cracked a beer while we discussed gear and got dressed for the climb. After readying all of our gear we stepped off at about 11 PM with plans to hopefully make it to just below Horn Lakes area at or just below treeline. After making the bathrooms and cutting right following some snowmobile tracks, we quickly lost them. Knowing the Rainbow trail was contouring above us and the Horn Creek drainage was also Southwest, we headed southwest and realized that if we were going to break trail like this all night, we might not be making it that far. After about a mile or so, we ran into the beautiful Rainbow trail which had only signs of animal tracks and not humans in the past couple of days. Within less than another ¼ mile, we reached the right turn to Horn Lakes basin and much to our chagrin, there was a few day old snowshoe track a few inches under the snow. As long as we stayed on that, there was hardly anything to break. When we stepped off, we were up to our knees even with the snowshoes that we had on since virtually the car. Carrying our winter packs with camping gear, snowboards and everything else and not being used to the weight slowed us a bit but we were still determined. A while later, a south facing trail out of the trees was virtually dry for a few hundred yards and then we were right back into the snow very appreciative of the recent track that continued on. We did wonder how far it went though. As time passed on, we crossed over a scary river crossing where it was snow and ice top but you could hear the water rushing below. Taking care to cross over logs, we pushed onward and upward on the gentle uphill slope. Somewhere at about 11,000’ or slightly below and about 3.5 miles into the hike, we decided to call it a night at 2:30AM. By the time we stomped out a flat area for the tent setup camp (which unfortunately I got no pictures of), and settled into the tent, it was after 3. Right around then, Matt realized that he forgot his sleeping pad. If that were me, I would have been tempted to pack up and head home or tried to share with him. He luckily had an extra insulated blanket and laid his shell pants and jacket over that and did alright. We put on some Ramen in the vestibule which is a nice commodity that you cannot enjoy with summer camping due to attracting bears and whatnot although I second guess that after seeing the winter Chicago Basin Bears in Steve Gladbach’s report a couple years back . After the noodles cooked and I shut off the stove, we both passed out while waiting for them to cool. About 30 minutes later, I awoke to find the ramen still very warm and expanded. At this point, we realized that we both forgot yet another important piece of gear… No spoon, no spork, no fork… nothing. After giving a go with the Gerber multi-tool, we realized it would be better to drink the broth and use our fingers Moroccan style. Getting settled in, I came to a quick realization of how much crap you have to pack into your bag to keep from freezing. Propane/Butane canisters, water bottles (2 Nalgenes for me), giant winter mountaineering boots, beer, clothing for tomorrow etc. This time was a little better than the past with 45 less pounds of me in there, I suddenly felt a lot less claustrophobic.

    Day 2: Adams Alpine Adventure
    Ok ok, the pictures are coming soon I promise. We awoke just after 7 which was later than we wanted but still plenty early enough for a summit bid. I heated some water to put back into the Nalgenes that we put in our sleeping bags with us… I wish I did that before bed next to those cold and frozen boots. After eating some various uncooked food and putting down some hot instant coffee which triggered pre-hike gut action, we stepped off around 8 following the still packed trail. Having already released the fury from our guts, the next goal was to get up into that sun out of the valley. The slog went rather quickly only passing one potential slope of concern just before the first picture. As you press up into the basin, the trees open a bit on the left side a few hundred feet below treeline and luckily it wasn’t too loaded and the layers seemed pretty solid. I was just glad we had a packed trench and weren’t cutting to the bottom of the layers causing potential issues. Nearing the end of the trees, we spot the ridge that we were to climb to get to the East ridge route. I think that unranked ridge gets you to point 13,250 or something like that. Anyhow, we figured we would press on from there until a passable and safe route became clear.
    Until this point, I thought we were screwed for pictures because my camera was too cold to work or something after leaving it out of the tent in my pack to freeze. I realized that I did have my trusty Samsung Rugby Pro smart phone with a camera on it so I began to use that. The next image here is looking back into the trees from the previous image.
    Soon after, we reached the first of the horn lakes to find the series of these small ponds frozen to the bottom. We snapped a couple of pics while we scouted a potential route.
    We were shooting for that finger of trees that leads toward the cliff band below the closest ascent ridge.
    And Grizzly Adams himself…
    Reaching the bottom of the finger, we scurried over the frozen tundra and popped a squat while we planned out the rest of the day with conditions calls, turnaround times and if we were going to keep or drop snowshoes and/or snowboards. As we peered at what we could see of the summit ski from atop the largest rock in the basin at around 11,500’, we were worried that if we carried the boards, it could (1) prevent us from making the summit and (2) we couldn’t see the full line in the couloir for a full descent and (3) we had no idea of the conditions of the snow up there nor had we (4) been on our boards since last year. At this point, we made the command decision to drop our boards on this rock and remembering our return from the Little Bear to Blanca Winter Traverse two winters ago down through hip deep postholes back to our gear, we decided we would keep the snowshoes with us. Picking a path of least resistance up the treed and rocky finger to the ridge, we eventually packed our snowshoes once we hit the ever nice sun with no wind at all mind you. A few hundred yards of postholing and we made our way through the cliff bands. After the steeper portion, we both stripped our base layer due to the unexpected winter heat when we realized that we forgot another key item, sunscreen, which was still in the door of my truck. We used or bandannas to creatively protect our exposed facial skin from the all powerful sun. I pondered cutting some moleskin from the med kit to fashion over my nose but decided to wait on that one a while. From about where we dropped layers, this was the view looking back East to where we had trekked in from.
    And a more direct look of the Cliff bands that we passed through below which were a bit spicy. A fall through there while although class 3 would have dropped you over some 5th class vertical cliffs that we traversed over. There are no unimportant steps… Just one limb at a time checking every hold.

     Looking west toward the end of the basin, the impressive cliffs of point 13,5xx something towered above blocking view to Kit Carson, Challenger, the Crestones and many other beautiful summits that I have enjoyed past adventures on. At about this point, you can begin to see some of those summits peaking out over the top saying “hello.”
    Moving upward through the path of least resistance, the snow became harder and more frequent than the grassy slopes and rocks so we donned our dull crampons that have seen lots of abuse and rock thrashing over the years and pressed on. This is looking up at the point that we skirted toward the ridge.
    And Grizzly Adams looking up towards me…
    Right about this point we both got pretty low on energy. This picture shows the steep corniced slope on the ridge to the North and also back to the valley from which we emerged. We sat down, gathered ourselves and ate a couple of snacks for an energy boost. We both had salmon pouches that were once frozen through the night that we thawed out in our bags in the morning and maybe a fruit leather and a gel and kept moving.
    Eventually with still perfect weather, we made the saddle. Matt was a bit behind so I signaled to him that I was going to run up the point that we skirted. I just kind of had the feeling while staring back at it like it was summoning me to climb it and not just go around so I did. This image is from the saddle of the remainder of the East ridge towards the summit.
    The next picture is the Mt. Adams summit view from the summit of the point. You can see my tiny partner around the saddle area. In the background to the upper left, you can see the un-inspiring summit of Challenger Point.
    Getting back to the saddle and a little past, I caught back up with Matt while he was waiting for me with a wood tipped stogie. We donned helmets and studied the remainder of the ridge with still perfect weather and absolutely zero wind. It seemed as if the extra food energy burst had kicked in and we were ready to push for the summit with high spirits.
    It seems like the first couple of the major obstacles we went slightly right but most we climbed straight through enjoying some 4th and low 5th class scrambling over the conglomerate. With rather obvious route finding, the route could have easily been kept at 3rd class even with the given conditions but the gorgeous rock was too inviting.
    Somewhere around here on the ridge, we spotted a big horn sheep about halfway up the mountain from the basin. He made it effortlessly to the ridge we were on about 100 yards ahead within about ten minutes and stared us down as if either showing us the way or blocking passage to the route. Unfortunately, it was just far enough that my phone wouldn’t snap a good shot. He went all of the way to the summit and over as we pressed on behind his fresh tracks. Here is looking back at the climb so far with my partner there.
    In no time at all, we made it to the final ridge section before the summit and studied the choices between solid and dry rock or a 40ish degree snow climb. Which one do you think we went for?
    Just before our choice, I got another picture of the full array of peaks from Humboldt (left) to Challenger (Right). At one point, we could actually even get a view of the Blanca massif playing peek-a-boo back in the distance between these peaks.
    One last look at the ridge and valley we ascended before making our decision.
    You probably guessed it by now, we just couldn’t resist the 5th class finish climbing it in true style with the crampons still on.
    I let climbing jesus do the honors and lead us to the finish through this section and followed just behind. Getting established onto the rock was a little dicey with some minimal holds but once on it, it was not so bad and was over too quickly.
    And the summit benchmark…
    We found the register as well but the paper was frozen to the inside. Here is our summit pose which my phone resting in the goggles managed to chop the top of our heads off. As you can see, not exactly winter attire we were dressed in. As you can see, I am sporting my Pikes Peak Ascent shirt which works out as a layer.
    And some beta for anyone interested in this area… I can’t believe I have been on each of the high points seen and some multiple times. This area just keeps calling me back and I was so glad to be on Mt. Adams that has sparked my interest ever since I saw it while climbing the North Ridge of Kit Carson as seen right in the middle of the picture.
    Look away now if you get scared easily but this was necessary to scare off the sasquatch that was quickly approaching… While it may have been sunny, I’m sure it was still about 30 degrees up there at the top and what is under that helmet would have been proof in that pudding lol. I’m just glad that he was able to take one for the team for the both of us and scare off the sasquatch.
    After that whole ordeal and enjoying a beer and shot of whiskey in the quickly falling sun, we donned all of our layers and scouted the best route back down. It was pretty easy to see a snow route. I somehow remembered my slope angle reader and measured the steepest part of the top along my axe at 42 degrees. It sure does look a lot steeper in the pictures. After doing some block cutting snow tests of the layers before committing fully to the snow descent, we were pleasantly surprised and both happy with a couloir descent. There was about a 4” wind slab on top that would probably not do more than a sluff and the rest was pretty settled to the bottom. I don’t usually like to glissade as I have read so many horror stories of folks losing control and careening down into rocks and badly injuring or even killing themselves but the snow was so perfect for it and it felt safer to not cut deeper by plunge stepping into the layers. After a few minutes, I was fully regretting leaving my gaiters in the car as my pants pushed up to almost my knees and my boots were filled with snow. The snow was actually continuous to the bottom so long as you cut to the right towards the bottom where it looks like you might cliff out. If you go to your left, you will cliff out. About ¾ of the way down to Horn Lake the snow turned bullet proof and became too hard for safe glissading. We were almost in full arrest mode rather than just sliding and braking so we decided to hop off to the side and hike down from there.
    And a view towards the lake while we kept a high line back towards our snowboards that I now wish I had on that descent of the couloir in such perfect conditions for it.
    And what a beautiful mountain... From all sides too…
    Eventually we put back on our slow shoes and continued down on top of the snow back to our boards on that humped rock down there while viewing impressive colors below.
    From our gear as the sun was setting, I grabbed one final shot of what we just descended.
    And here is a Google earth shot of our upper route. The right side was our ascent and the left was our descent.
    There was one section to the lower lakes we were able to strap on the boards and head down and then it was postholing and boot skating across back to near treeline where we put them on again. By this time it was almost completely dark and I was not looking forward to snowboarding with a pack on and with a headlamp through the woods where branches were lurking ready to poke my eyes out. It turned out to be a great deal of fun as we experienced beautiful powder while criss-crossing our trench and riding directly on it through the flatter sections. With a couple of falls and unstrapping to find ourselves up to our hips without flotation, we made it back to camp in a speedy fashion. We climbed in the tent with plans to pack up and get out before we got too settled. We decided to quickly cook another pack of ramen that we would also eat Moroccan style and another wood tipped Black and Mild Royale before strapping on the remainder of our gear and continuing on the boards with now heavier packs. While we were able to ride about 90% of the way down from here, there was a good flat to slightly up section on the way back out along with the dirt section described earlier. After making it back to the Rainbow trail, we decided to follow that back to where it would meet the spur to the Horn Creek Ranch Trailhead instead of taking our ascent track which would have required more up hills across gulleys. It was easy enough to find the trails and the proper signage that dumped us out right back at the truck at about 9 PM. What a journey and a way to kick off the winter with the gifted trench. I suppose next peak while we may remember silverware and thermarests, we may not be so lucky to have that kind of a trench. I just hope I can continue to find a balance from which I used to have a lot less fear to being a now scared parent. Having kiddos does something weird where it makes you ponder risks more.
    Anyhow, I am most appreciative to both of our wives for making the sacrifice to watch our kids as we made this much needed winter excursion.
    Thanks for reading and until next time…

    See you at the top!

    Here is a link to this report on


    Monday, December 23, 2013

    Training Week 16 to 22 December

    Weekly Totals:
  • Miles: 48.4
  • Time: 9:31
  • Gain: 8,343'
  • Beers: 9 (plus a couple shots of whiskey and 2 white Russians)

  • Monday 16 Dec: First day out after the Sawmill 50k+ on Saturday. The GPS watch died after a few minutes out today. It was kind of a surprise because the Garmin 310xt is supposed to last like 16-20 hours and I had it fully charged before running 7 hours the otherday and it couldn't handle today. Perhaps I left it on when I uploaded it to the computer the other night... Otherwise, that is kind of depressing for very long ultras. I ended up doing the standard lunchbreak 8 miles at schriever with walking warmup and cooldown. Perhaps I was a bit slow? Who knows today the last half mile before the cooldown, I felt a little tired. I tried to push at normal MAF effort throughout. All the sugar yesterday and I had to make an emergency pit stop a couple of miles in before I shipped my pants. This is getting a little long for the daily journal but I decided to start Apple Cider Vinegar into my diet a few times a day based off the recommendation from a close friend.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.1
    • Time: 1:16:00 (Just a guess)
    • Pace: Who knows but if I was at normal, 9:00
    • Gain: 191'
    • Surface: All on the rocks
    • Additional: NA. Wanted to but thought I would give it another day to purge the free radicals.
    • Feelings: Felt pretty good. Hip flexors and calfs a little tight but not horrible.
    • Weather: Kind of dry but very nice. Mid 50s and maybe 5 mph wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, 3 cups black coffee, scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, cheese, red and green bell, and onion.
    • Lunch: Was a little late today but had left over crockpot beef roast, gourmet spinnach salad (too much blue cheese), brocco sprouts, and almonds. Finished with some ACV in water and then EmergenC to help the immune system out after what I did to it.
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Beef Stew and pumpkin soup, a piece of pumpkin pie, ACV with honey and water
    • Beers: 0
    Tuesday 17 Dec: Was feeling kind of sore all day and spent a good deal of time on my feet for work. Went out for the standard double 4 mile loop for 8 miles. The stomach started hurting and I had to cut it a few miles short. By the walking cooldown, I could barely contain my excitement if you know what I mean. I think the ACV has cleaned me out officially or else I had a different issue. It was like draino for my body.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 5.8
    • Time: 54:00
    • Pace: 9:08
    • Gain: 138'
    • Surface: Pavement
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Stomach problems major.
    • Weather: Mid 40s and breezy

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 cups black coffee, 1 cup herbal tea with honey, scrambled eggs with ham and veggies
    • Morning Snack: Gourmet salad with feta cheese and olive oil and ACV.
    • Lunch:
    • Afternoon Snack: Beef Stew leftover and brocco sprouts
    • Dinner:
    • Beers: 0

    Wednesday 18 Dec: Where do we start? I think it ended up being a rest day but I haven't been on here in a couple of days. It was more of an unplanned day due to the cause for work but I'm sure I needed it after the Sawmill 50k+ last weekend.

    Running Stats:
    • NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Black coffee, herbal tea, scrambled eggs with ham and goodies, ACV in water
    • Lunch: Gourmet salad (no meat) and then some lunch sandwich on cibatta and 2 oatmeal cookies. ACV and olive oil was on salad.
    • Dinner: Leftover Pumpkin stew, and some rasberries and peppermint ice cream, also ACV with water
    • Beers: 0 (2 white russians)
    Thursday 19 Dec: This day was all about volunteering and giving back to the community around my work. After wrapping up early afternoon, I didn't have time for original plans to hike Cameron's cone with my new friend Rocky (we actually haven't hung out yet). I decided to go check out homestead ranch just west of Peyton. There are 2 loops there with some good hills. I was able to do some combination of about 3 laps for just over 10 miles and 700' gain. Not bad for a 15 min drive from home vs. all of the way to the west side which I don't get to do too often.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 10.25
    • Time: 1:33:00
    • Pace: 9:10
    • Gain: 700'
    • Surface: Soft dirt
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Awesome
    • Weather: Mid to upper 40s and a bitter wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 5 Whole Wheat Pancakes, 2 fried eggs, 2 strips bacon
    • Morning Snack:
    • Lunch: Spaghetti, salad, several cookies (I lost count at 6)
    • Afternoon Snack: Small salmon pouch
    • Dinner: Subway oven roasted chicken on whole wheat with all veggies on foot long and new creamy sriacha sauce!, ACV with water
    • Beers: 0
    Friday 20 Dec: My birthday. I originally left work early to go grab about 12 miles before going to my party. Unfortunately, it wasn't early enough so I met my best good friend, Matt, and we hiked half of Cameron Cone to scope the route out.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 5.5
    • Time: 1:36:42
    • Pace: 17:40
    • Gain: 2,049'
    • Surface: Dirt, Snow, Ice
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Awesome and great views of the clouds over the city.
    • Weather: Around 20 and Foggy. No wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, ACV
    • Lunch: Potluck! Lots of sweets and some other random stuff.
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Sean Burgers, Chips and salsa, spinach quiche dip, veggies, quinoa with raspberry
    • Beers: 7

    Saturday 21 Dec: Well, I never went to sleep after my b-day party Friday night. The natural progression was right into a Blodgett peak sunrise hike so that's what we did. I may or may not have been slightly still buzzed but more importantly, I had some sort of food poisoning and had problems at both ends. Either way, It was great and we "slept" on the windy summit in sleeping bags for almost 2 hours.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 4
    • Time: 1:42:09
    • Pace: 25:30
    • Gain: 2,363'
    • Surface: Steep
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Diarrhea twice and puked once
    • Weather: Single digits to teens before wind chill.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Was really at about 11 am- Pumpkin pancakes (4) with ginger and maple, black coffee, bacon
    • Dinner: Was family b-day appetizers, lots of salami and other meats and cheeses, 7 layer bean dip, artichoke/mozzarella/green chili on French bread, Sierra Mist, 2 pieces pie.
    • Beers: 0
    Sunday 22 Dec: Was hoping for a longer run today to plus up the Incline club run a bit but I took Baz (the dog) and he is getting fat. I will say that even with a warm-up prior to the run and 2 detours, I was still over half an hour faster than when I was doing this run last year prior to the Pikes Peak Ascent. Probably closer to an hour without the extras. I was hoping to get 8 more and another 2k of elevation gain to French creek but Baz was barely able to walk when done and I just felt warmed up whereas I used to be done for the day after that run. I got some smart wool arm panties for my b-day and they were awesome for the run today.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 14.75
    • Time: 2:28:09
    • Pace: 10:03
    • Gain: 2,902'
    • Surface: 3" of snow over trail
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Awesome. It got a little frigid in the shade.
    • Weather: Sunny but teens to start and low 20s to finish.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 Hard boiled eggs, 2 strips bacon, ACV
    • Morning Snack: banana chips
    • Lunch: Large gourmet salad with salami and ACV
    • Dinner: Leftover b-day snacks, 7 layer dip, Pie
    • Beers: 0

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    Training Week 9 to 15 Dec 2013

    Weekly Totals:
  • Miles: 61.93
  • Time: 11:31:41
  • Avg Pace: 11:10
  • Gain: 7,053'
  • Beers: 6

  • Monday 9 Dec: After a 2 day rest over the weekend which was the first time since mid-september since I have done that, I felt recharged, amped, and ready to run. After wearing too much clothing Friday, I went with too little today. I had frost nip on my forearms and other parts that took a few hours to go away and my MAF pace seemed to be slower than normal and I ended up with sore quads after the excruciatingly slow run. Probably half as long out there in the weather may have been wise but maybe it will toughen me that much for a race or mountaineering or maybe even fatherhood. I also ended up getting a stomach ache during the run and I wondered if it was from the cold exposure and lack of layers needed. My stomach ended up hurting into the evening and I went to sleep on the couch at around 7:30, moved upstairs around 10 and slept until 5:30 AM.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.51 (5 warmup on treadmill and rest outside)
    • Time: 1:22:22
    • Pace: 9:40 avg
    • Gain: 193'
    • Surface: Rocks and snow
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Maybe didn't wear enough clothing!
    • Weather: 8 Deg (-1 with windchill)

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, 2 eggs, 1.5 strips turkey bacon, 1/3 red bell pepper.
    • Morning Snack: 1 cup of raw almonds, string cheese
    • Lunch: Leftover eggplant lasagna
    • Afternoon Snack: apple, cutie
    • Dinner: lots of chips and salsa
    • Beers: 2
    Tuesday 10 Dec: The wife had surgery today so I stayed home from work. After completing some homework in the morning, I snuck in my run. Used the zero shoes to log an hour on the snowy rock Island path in 3-4" of snow. Rocked the normal walking warmup and cooldown and felt good until I turned around to realize that I had a tail wind. Coming back was fun to say the least but I was happy for the change in weather from the past several days of relentless cold hell.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 6.5
    • Time: 1:02:33
    • Pace: 9:36
    • Gain: 43'
    • Surface: Snow over dirt
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Great
    • Weather: Sunny, windy, and low 30s.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 cups black coffee, 1 serving oatmeal with brown sugar and leftover potatoes and egg scramble
    • Morning Snack: small salmon pouch
    • Lunch: 1 cup raw cashews, 1/3 red bell pepper, cutie, apple, seaweed rice crackers, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: brined chicken, butternut squash, cheesy broccoli
    • Beers: 0 (1 wine)

    Wednesday 11 Dec: Woke up this morning with a bad headache. Perhaps it was the wine? Got in a solid 8 in the afternoon at the now normal 155 MAF heart rate with warm-up and cool down. It was a little colder than I hoped it would be but with long sleeves, gloves, a headband, and shorts seemed to do it with the zero shoes.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.0
    • Time: 1:11:23
    • Pace: 8:55 (Includes warmup and cooldown)
    • Gain: 192'
    • Surface: mostly paved
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: pretty good
    • Weather: high 20s low 30s with about 8-10mph wind.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and ham, honeydew melon, herbal tea with honey, black coffee
    • Lunch: 1 cup walnuts, broccoli sprouts
    • Afternoon Snack: leftover brined chicken, leftover eggplant lasagna, broccoli, cutie
    • Dinner: Chicken Marengo, Brown Rice, Pumpkin Soup
    • Beers: 0 (2 White Russians)
    Thursday 12 Dec: Today was a weird day for running. I was supposed to be feeling good and running my last 8 mile day before having tomorrow off and then the big fun run on Saturday. After warmup, I began to realize that my MAF pace was way slower than normal and that is the first indicator that something is wrong and I should not continue to run. I ended up walking a lot and got 5 miles total in. Debating if I want to do some tomorrow since today was so off. I'm thinking it was lack of sleep due to having to deal with the baby from 3-6 AM this morning.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 5.1
    • Time: 54:47
    • Pace: 10:50
    • Gain: 131'
    • Surface: Mostly paved
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Felt good but heart wasn't cooperating
    • Weather: mid 50s and almost no wind

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with veggies and ham, honey doo melon, tomato juice, black coffee, herbal tea with honey
    • Morning Snack: string cheese, walnuts
    • Lunch: Leftovers
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Crockpot roast with garden grown potatoes, onion, and mushroom
    • Beers: 0
    Friday 13 Dec: Off day of running. I really wanted to run but decided to save it for tomorrow so I purposefully left my stuff at home.

    Running Stats:
    • NA

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 over easy eggs, turkey bacon, tomato juice, herbal tea with honey, black coffee
    • Morning Snack:
    • Lunch: Almonds, string cheese, gourmet salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing, cutie
    • Dinner: Taco Night~ had 2 home made ground beef tacos in whole wheat tortillas
    • Beers: 0

    Saturday 14  Dec: Fatass#2 day. Today was sawmill 50k+ day. Ran with over 50 other people (some did one loop of around 17 miles) and few completed the 50K+. I know it was only a fatass race but without trying too hard, I was somehow able to finish third which felt good.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 33.82
    • Time: 7:00:24
    • Pace: 12:25
    • Gain: 6,494'
    • Surface: Rocks, trail, lots of snow
    • Additional: Are you kidding? Just 12 oz curls
    • Feelings: Pretty good. Tripped at about 6 miles in and bruised hip but otherwise very well.
    • Weather: Started in teens, got up to mid 40s on bottom side and finished in low 30s up top.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, black coffee, banana, a few almonds
    • Race Food: Just race food, didn't keep too well of track but maybe 5 honey stingers, an oatmeal square bar, a multigrain blueberry bar, Clif Gummies, Honey stinger gummies, a handful of prunes and apricots, 20 oz mountain dew, Roughly 90 oz of water with Hammer Perpetuem mixture, and a few oz of chicken noodle soup.
    • Afternoon Snack: Wendy's Junior Bacon Burger and Small Chili
    • Dinner: Party food at friend's house, cheese, salami, beef something over rice, sugar cookie, olives
    • Beers: 4
    Sunday 15 Dec: And on the 7th day he rested. God wants us all to rest on the Seventh day of the week so that's what I did today. It wasn't really on purpose but probably well needed. All morning was filled with an Epsom salt bath and then stomach ache. Took Astaxanthan last night and this morning to kill free radicals and popped garlic, Emergen-C, Echinacea, and more vitamin C. Afternoon quickly filled with goodwill shopping trip and family time and I was still a bit sore so the rest was good. Hopefully I can get back out tomorrow despite being sore.

    Running Stats:
    •             NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Egg frittata with random veggies and ham, black coffee
    • Lunch: Chipotle Sofritas Salad with black beans and all other toppings you can get for free.
    • Afternoon Snack: Snacked on lots of unhealthy stuff at family party: peppermint ice cream, chocolate cream pie, lemon squares, cider, few raw veggies
    • Dinner: Kind of skipped it.
    • Beers: 0

    Sunday, December 8, 2013

    Training Week 2 Dec to 8 Dec

    Weekly Totals:
  • Miles: 31.27 (least since mid-oct)
  • Time: 4:32:48
  • Avg Pace: 8:43
  • Gain: 574'
  • Beers: 7 (and 2 glasses wine)

  • Monday 2 Dec: And the races are off... I kicked off the week with the standard 8 mile double loop on my lunch break. Still a bit sore from Saturday's run and lack of sleep thanks to my son last night. Anyhow, my MAF splits were pretty much normal and I was glad for the last "nice" weather day for the next few while we receive an arctic blast.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.02
    • Time: 1:12:22
    • Pace: 9:01
    • Gain: 120'
    • Surface: mostly pavement
    • Additional: na
    • Feelings: great. got a little tired mile 6 to 7
    • Weather: 56 deg and about 3 mph breeze with light clouds

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, 1 serving Oatmeal with 2 t. Brown Sugar, 2 cups black coffee
    • Morning Snack: string cheese, strawberries
    • Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat, cutie, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup cashews.
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Leftover Potato Soup and somethign else (can't remember) oh yeah... BBQ chicken and asparagus.
    • Beers: 0
    Tuesday 12 Nov: Got short on time for the run today and with the storm coming in, I didn't want to wait to later and find out how much worse this arctic blast was going to be. I ended up going just over 7 mins with no warmup or cooldown at a 7:36 even without the wind. My Avg heartrate was probably 165.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 7.14
    • Time: 54:22
    • Pace: 7:36
    • Gain: 180'
    • Surface: 50% rocks 50% pavement
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Great considering the wind. Calfs got a little sore running that fast in the zero drops.
    • Weather: low 50s with 10-15mph wind (maybe more)

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, herbal tea with agave, giant breakfast burrito at King's Chef. It was awesome and smothered with wonderful green chile.
    • Morning Snack:
    • Lunch: Spinnach salad with turkey kielbasa and other veggies, string cheese, cup of almonds
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Spaghetti, brussel sprouts, chips and salsa
    • Beers: 0

    Wednesday 13 Nov: Cold Running was the name of the game today. Until this year, I have been a "seasonal" runner. While I started last January, this is my first serious winter. I was dreading the dread mill so i decided i would at least attempt for a true mile outside and then go inside. I ended up doing 8 miles. I experienced a new problem I never had. With around 10 degrees before the 20 MPH winds. During my second lap, north travel made me really cold in places I have never been before. I had to run backwards to get a break for a while.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.04
    • Time: 1:09:04
    • Pace: 8:34
    • Gain: 174'
    • Surface: Paved
    • Additional: 2 mile cooldown/warm back up inside on recumbent bike.
    • Feelings: Good.
    • Weather: 10 deg or less and 20+ MPH winds

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 over eggs, 1 serving oat meal with brown sugar, herbal tea with agave, black coffee
    • Lunch: Spinnach salad with turkey kielbasa and other veggies and nuts, string cheese, apple, cutie
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Christmas party, Filet Mignon, Rice, green beans, 2 pieces cheesecake.
    • Beers: 0 (2 Wine)
    Thursday 14 Nov: Woke up with another cold today. Oops. Taking a break today to let the body heal durin the negative temps. Hoping tomorrow is at least 10 deg warmer for healthy outside running to resume.

    Running Stats:
    • NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with goodies.
    • Morning Snack: too much chocolates and goodies
    • Lunch: chef salad
    • Afternoon Snack: biscuit with ham, mayo, and cheese
    • Dinner: 2 Chicken Fajitas
    • Beers: 1
    Friday 15 Nov: I hibernated for over 9 hours last night and it is still reall really cold. I waited and waited for it to get to the high of 11 but it never got higher than 5. I finally got out and did 4 miles outside and 4 inside on the dreadmill.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.07 (4.07 outside and 4 on treadmill)
    • Time: 1:17:00
    • Pace: 9:32
    • Gain: 100'
    • Surface: Dirt, rocks, and a rubber belt
    • Additional: 3 circuits of 10 pullups, 50 crunches, and 25 pushups
    • Feelings: meh. the stuffy nose may have slowed me down. the cold can't be an excuse because I was about 30 sec slower per mile than 2 days ago when the wind was way worse.
    • Weather: 5 deg with 7 mph wind. (Feels like -10) ouch.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 3 eggs over easy, some turkey kielbasa, some honey doo melon, plain yogurt with blue agave, herbal tea with blue agave, 3 cups black coffee
    • Morning Snack: apple, cup of walnuts, lots of chocolate!
    • Lunch: spinach salad with ham, avocado, jalapeno cheese, nuts, and other stuff, orange, banana
    • Dinner: Pizza, hotwings, Brussel sprouts
    • Beers: 0

    Saturday 16 Nov: Off day due to lack of time. Aside from the fact that it was still really cold, my day was filled with getting a Christmas tree, celebrating my dad's birthday and oh yeah college. Well my body can use the extra rest for next weekend's Saw Mill 50k+ Fat Ass race.

    Running Stats:
    • NA           
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Granola with almond milk
    • Morning Snack: sausage, sweet potato, egg hash, 2 muffins
    • Lunch: NA
    • Dinner: Beef Brisket, cole slaw, baked beans, corn bread (2 servings of each)
    • Beers: 3
    Sunday 17 Nov: Whaaaa? Another off day! I stayed up until after midnight working on a school lab that took way longer than I thought and ended up giving up. I'm not about to burn the candle at both ends so that was my excuse for not running to Barr Camp with the Incline Club this morning as planned to gain some verts. This is the first time to have 2 days off in a long while. I suppose its ok since I should "taper" for next weekend's event although it is supposed to be just training even though it will be the farthest I've ran and the most elevation gain I've ran in one day. I think I have done more gain mountain climbing before but it will nonetheless be a tough day that will require my best.

    Running Stats:
    • NA           

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: kielbasa, potato, cheese, mushroom, green chili, and egg hash
    • Morning Snack: chips and salsa
    • Lunch: lunch meat, slice of cheese
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Eggplant Lasagna, 2x Servings
    • Beers: 3

    Sunday, December 1, 2013

    Training Week 25 Nov to 1 Dec 2013

    November Monthly Totals:
  • Miles: 241.62
  • Time: 47.46 hrs
  • Gain: 18,895'
  •  Beers: 47 (1 beer per hour of running!)

      Weekly Totals 25 Nov to 1 Dec:
  • Miles: 60.2
  • Time: 13:40
  • Gain: 9,499'
  •  Beers: 15 (ouch)

  • Monday 25 Nov: After the knee pain (ITBS) yesterday during my long run double, I decided a day off was prudent to avoid injury. The plan is only to take 1 day off a week but with the caveat that rest is more important. I also have the 8th Annual Blodgett Peak Turkey Day hike on Thursday and the Boulder Brass Knuckle Shuffle planned for the week which will be about 10,000' of elevation gain alone so want to be careful. I ended up going to sleep when we got home at 7:30 PM and slept until 5 AM.

    Running Stats:
    • NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Herbal Tea with Honey, 2 scrambled eggs with veggies and turkey kielbasa and salsa, 1 cup black coffee
    • Lunch: Spinach salad with cold cut turkey and lots of other veggies, apple, grapes, almonds
    • Dinner: Chipotle Steak Burrito
    • Beers: 0
    Tuesday 26 Nov: Morning- 9.5 hours of sleep is just what the Dr. ordered. Last night I was feeling like I needed another day off of running as rest. This morning, I am a new man. Slight shin muscle fatigue but knee feels great and I'm ready to run some miles today. Gonna shoot for between 4 to 8 and be ready to walk it in at the slightest pain. Also gonna run in the Merril Trail Glove zero drop shoes today. In the past, those would hurt my calfs even on a 2 mile run but I have since been using 4 mil drop Asics as well as working in the Merrells on hikes and what not.

    Afternoon= First of all, meat on chipotle is never a good idea. I stayed away from that for about a year and there is a reason. I'm going back to veggie only or maybe their tofu (Sofritas). Anyhow, other than the fact that I had to run in the afternoon after lunch and I had a sloshy stomach, the run was awesome. Apparently, I can run in zero drop shoes now because that felt great. Ran the second half of the run with my friend Joe so it was good to have the company.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 8.05
    • Time: 1:12:08
    • Pace: 8:58
    • Gain: 192'
    • Surface: Half Gravel, Half pavement in zero shoes. 
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Felt awesome throughout. Absolutely 0 knee/IT pain but a sloshy stomach.
    • Weather: 6-8 mph wind and 43 degrees.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, 1 cup herbal tea with blue agave, 1 serving oatmeal with brown sugar.
    • Morning Snack: String Cheese
    • Lunch: Sugar Snap peas, pecans, 2 fried catfish fillets (small ones)
    • Afternoon Snack: Gourmet spinach salad with turkey kielbasa, beets, broccoli, jalapeno, carrot
    • Dinner: Pasta with veggies and kielbasa along with chips and salsa.
    • Beers: 0

    Wednesday 27 Nov: Decided to go a little farther today since I felt good and the weather was good. Went for a muddy and fun 10 or so miles.  Wish I could have done 12-15 but there is only so much time to burn each day. Tomorrow is the Blodgett hike.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 10.1
    • Time: 1:33:38
    • Pace: 9:16
    • Gain: 236'
    • Surface: Mud, snow, dirt and ice!
    • Additional: no
    • Feelings: Felt awesome throughout. Legs a little tired last couple miles but still easily able to push.
    • Weather: Low 50s and the slightest breeze and sunny! 

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with green chili and mushrooms, 2 cups black coffee, 1 cup herbal tea with blue agave
    • Morning snack: 1 piece bacon
    • Lunch: Gourmet spinach salad with turkey and goodies and cashews., sugar snap peas, walnuts,
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Creamed Egg on Biscuits.
    • Beers: 6
    Thursday 28 Nov: Today marks the 8th Annual Blodgett Peak Turkey Day hike. I enjoyed with several friends and family with a little 2 mile extra at the end.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 6.1
    • Time: 1:45:28
    • Pace: 17:16
    • Gain: 2,716'
    • Surface: Dirt, ice
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Great
    • Weather: Optimal

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: Hard Boiled Eggs, Banana, Chia Bar
    • Lunch:
    • Afternoon Snack:
    • Dinner: Thanksgiving Dinner 
    • Beers: 3
    Friday 29 Nov: Today was an off day by default for Skiing and to prepare for the Fat Ass race the next day.

    Running Stats:
    • NA
    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, banana, sausage biscuit, sausage burrito
    • Morning Snack:
    • Lunch: Elk Sausage Hot dog, chips
    • Afternoon Snack: Mixed fresh veggies, almonds, string cheese, orange
    • Dinner: Leftover Thanksgiving
    • Beers: 5

    Saturday 30 Nov: Human Potential Running Series Fat Ass Brass Knuckle Shuffle. Talk about a butt kicking.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 26.9 
    • Time: 6:24:04
    • Pace: 14:15
    • Gain: 6,265'
    • Surface: Rocky
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Felt good. No pain during even in knee. Was hard to keep heartrate at desired level. Had to hike a lot and didn't carry enough water.
    • Weather: Bluebird day in mid 50s and minimal wind

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 serving oatmeal with brown sugar,  black coffee
    • Morning Snack:
    • Lunch: Race Fuels, honey stingers, clif shots, salmon, dried fruit
    • Afternoon Snack: 1 liter Dr. Pepper.
    • Dinner: Yummy potato soup
    • Beers: 1
    Sunday 1 Dec: Wasn't sure if I was going to get a run in today or not. The legs were only slightly sore so I squeezed in an after dark evening 9 miles to find that I could run at my normal pace if not faster than normal at the 155 heart rate. Strange. Last weekend was ITBS pain on the long run follow up and this weekend was not. I think the difference is running on pavement last week. Both the long and follow up were mostly on pavement where neither were today. Had I had more time, even 15 mi wouldn't have been a problem today so it was probably good I didn't. I did however run in the zero drop shoes though.

    Running Stats:
    • Miles: 9.05
    • Time: 1:18:12
    • Pace: 8:38
    • Gain: 90'
    • Surface: dirt and gravel
    • Additional: NA
    • Feelings: Surprisingly awesome
    • Weather: 42, dark and minimal breeze.

    Diet Stats:
    • Breakfast: breakfast burrito with potatoes, scrambled eggs, veggies, and bacon, 3 cups black coffee
    • Lunch: Late lunch at Noodles and Company. Similar to pad Thai with shrimp with side salad and water.
    • Dinner: Nachos with refried beans, onion, tomato, olives, salsa, plain yogurt.
    • Beers: 0