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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Training week 13-19 Apr 2015

Weekly Totals:

Miles Run: 6.4
Hours Run: 1:43
Running Elevation Gain: 2,195'

Miles Biked: 95.1
Hours Biked: 8:27
Biking Elevation Gain: 10,679'

Total Training Time: 10:10
Total Elevation Gain: 12,874'


LOOK! Running Miles!  Yep. That's Right. A whole 6.4 miles and I am proud of those. I was out at the space symposium this week on the west side of town so lots of actual mountain biking and vertical and some running. Monday and Tues I got started at first light at Stratton Open Space and rode up Cheyenne Canon, and then up High Drive to Buckhorn and down Jacks and the Chutes back to the car. Both 2k gain days but only 12 mi round trip. Solid 90 min workouts. Wed, I needed to start earlier so I got bold and went for the Incline. Because I can't run yet, I just parked right near the bottom rather than Memorial park. I did just the incline and straight back down. No running on Barr trail. Much to my chagrin, at my normal 155 HR, I was slightly faster than a couple weeks ago before I broke the toe. Solid 33.5 Min ascent at the easy/med effort.  What I didn't realize is that descending the incline is much more intense on the quads. They were screaming on the way down. Descending the incline was a good choice because your toes hang over the ties most of the way down so no pressure. I also had the added padding of my new Altra Olympus 1.5s. I am normally a minimalist guy but wanted the extra padding to protect the toe and let it heal. The padding was nice. That afternoon, I took a ride up Old Stage road on my lunch break. 9 Mi up from the Broadmoor and 3,500' of climbing later, I was at St. Peter's overlook. Another quad buster. The descent was scary on the washboard dirt road coming down steep and vibrating all over but it was fun. I was going to do the incline again Thursday but the quads were absolutely thrashed so I took thurs and fri off. Friday was bad weather. Saturday was still rainy but I squeezed in a 50 mi road ride since the trails were muddy. I was hoping to scout the course for next weekend's race in Castle Rock but it was muddy and I had lots of school to do. My 50 miler had a great climbing in black forest and gleneagle in which I was going to loop back and do the long Shoup climb back up Black forest but a storm had rolled in behind me. I didn't want to get caught in that so I decided to ride across the Air Force Academy. That was until the line was like 30+ cars and one lane for some reason. I didn't want to wait so the nice thing about having a cross bike is that I just hopped up onto the Santa Fe Trail. I took that up all of the way to N. Nevada and hopped on Dublin back up to Mark Sheffel and Woodmen Back to the house. Total of 3k of gain. I topped off the week with an actual Run on Sunday. Just 4 flat miles but the results were pleasing. The toe felt funny but it did not hurt. To my surprise, my MAF hasn't worsened too much. I was in the low 8's for mid 150s heart rate which isn't nearly as bad as I thought. The next few weeks will be a gradual increase in mileage until I get higher to where I was before the break. I was in the 50 MPW range and want to be up in the 70 to 80 and reduce the biking accordingly. If I start experiencing any pain, the running will immediately reduce as I do not want to fight this all summer. It just needs to heal right. While my MAF pace is decent, the body needs to get back used to the grind.

Until next time...

See you at the top!

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